What is SEO ?

What is seo?

What is SEO search engine optimization? This Question often bothers those Beginners who have recently created a Blog or Website. After all, what is the work of SEO and why It Is Important for our Blogs and Websites? SEO is the process of optimizing your website or content for organic listings on search engine results pages also referred to as the SERPs search engine.

Search Engine Optimization is really about building and optimizing a website with a wonderful content really high quality content and really relevant towards a specific industry a specific topic and gaining high organic listings on the search engine results pages so ranking 1st,2nd 3rd in Google, Yahoo and other search engines because your content is so good because people are linking to your content because your website is structured very well.

Your website or blog moves fast in different things like some of the most popular search engines Google, Yahoo.

How SEO Works?

To understand this, suppose you want to know about SEO, then you will put a keyword in Google Search Engine What is SEO? After this, Google will search your keyword and some websites or blogs will open in front of you. You will see that there are some websites and blogs on the first page, but what is the reason for being on top of that?

The website that you see on the top has follow SEO algorithm properly and its content is also very good. But this does not mean that this website will always be on top, SEO keeps changing in its algorithm, so it should be changed in the website with the changes. If you are a good content writer and you have your own website that you want to reach people, then for this you will need SEO.

Without SEO, you cannot access your content to the people, the knowledge that you have, which is skillful, you will not be able to reach people.

For traffic, you have to bring your website to the top of the page because whenever people search for something, they like to find the answer to their question on the first page.

In such situation, you should use the necessary keywords in your website so that you remain on the top of the page list and traffic comes to you.

You must be wondering what are keywords? If we talk in direct language then the keywords are those which people search on Google, Yahoo or any other search engines.

SEO Examples

For Example, I take an example from my post, if I want to know about the Metro route, then I will go to Google and search the keyword Metro route according to my search Google will open the page, now I have to decide which website I click.

It is simple matter that I will click on the top website only, if I do not get the answer to my question, I then I will click on 2nd and 3rd one. So now you must understand what keywords and why they are important in ranking your website. learn more about What is SEO?

Now we talk about how many types of SEO? There are two types of SEO 1. On Page SEO 2. Off Page SEO. Apart from these, we will talk about backlinks as it also helps in ranking your website. Let’s talk about them in details

What is ON Page SEO?

On Page SEO is a process of SEO search engine optimization that is optimizing individual web pages in order to rank higher and earned more relevant traffic in search engines. On Page SEO is the process in which you will implement some techniques and changes on your website and then you and your website will get ranked on top of search engines.

First of all you will implement like a web structure side map creation, image optimization, title and keywords so these are the techniques that you will implement and made some changes on your website and there are lots of factors like the first one is URL optimization and the second one is head section optimization and the third one is body section optimization and the fourth one is sitemap HTML or XML and the fifth one is robot txt file.

These are the main factors of on-page SEO that you will implement for each and every page of your website like.

Make your web page URL readable If your URL is not SEO friendly then you may face difficulty in ranking. A page of web page divides into two parts the first one is head section and the second one is body section.

Every website has head section that you have to improve for better results in such head section includes many texts like Title tag, Meta tags and Slug text Meter robot, Meter text in the head section.

On Page SEO Examples

What is SEO? What is Title tag optimization?
Title tag
  1. Title Tag Optimization A title tag optimisation is a technique to improve your title you’re hiding of the web page. So, title tag display on the search engine result pages like when you will search on Google like Goolgle then it will be display on screen and when you will open a page on a browser then it will be displayed on the tab section.

In the coding it will be displays on the image as you can watch it on the Image so title basically part of head section.

It’s just like a heading of your web page the characters limit will be 70 so you just need to put 60 to 70 characters of heading and then your website will get ranked on the top of search engine.

What is meta description?

Meta tag optimization

Meta Tag optimization

Meta Description optimizer is just a tag in head section where you will describe your web page like your web pages about Blogging then you will describe your web page in 140 characters limit.

It includes keywords these are not more and more beneficial right now after that meter robot strike, it this is a meta tag that allows crawlers to index their page or not.

2. Body section optimization is a process to improve your website body parts. I’m going to tell you about the body section all a lot of things that you have to optimize in body section like the first one is heading and the second one is body content and the third one is keyword density also it includes keyword stuffing, keyword spamming, link optimization, image optimization, focus on grammatical errors, subject your website, daily inter link your article.

These are the points that you have to focus on body section optimization.


What is Heading in SEO?

Heading tag used to describe your main heading main title of the web page. Content optimization is your content like you are providing in session data that search engines will use to determine what your content and by extension your business is all about.

Content is one of the king of your SEO and you have to optimize your content for the better SEO after that keyword density: keyword density is the present age of a keyword or phrase appears on the page compared on the total number of words on other page.

Keyword density in the simple words is the number of keywords. Each turn is the percentage of keywords that is located on your Webpage among total number of web pages.

Keyword Stuffing keyword stuffing is a search engine optimization technique considered web spam or spam indexing in which a web page is loaded with keywords in a meta text or in content.

If you want to increase the density of keywords and loading of your web page with keywords it will be known as keyword stuffing that you do not need to do, you need to implement your keywords only two or three percent, if you will increase your keyword density then it will be considered as keyword stuffing and keyword spamming.

It’s a practice of loading a web page with key words or number in a damn manipulate a site ranking in Google search results .

Grammatical Errors

You also need to focus on the grammatical errors, if your site content is poor, thin content and have a grammatical errors and it’s not more useful, you have to focus on grammatical errors.

Update your website daily, Google need fresh content. Fresh content is most important factor of SEO update your website blog on daily basis and stayed up to date with the latest content. Interlink your articles with each other.

Here we tried to understand some basic things about ON PAGE SEO, but this topic is not over yet, many more information about it remains.

What is off page SEO?

From here, we try to understand about OFF PAGE SEO. It’s completely different from ON PAGE SEO.
OFF PAGE SEO helps in ranking our website from outside, for this you will need many social sites and advertising sites.

Talking about social sites, you can promote your website by creating an account on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.

Facebook- On Facebook, you can create a page under the name of your website or blog and tell a little about your upcoming post. Before this, you have to maintain your page properly and fill all the details so that people will find it a professional page.

If you want, you can also make a logo of your website and make it a profile on the page, which will good help in giving a good look to the website. Like Facebook, you can create page and group on other social sites and get more traffic on your website.

The more traffic will come to your site, the more you will earn.


In OFF PAGE SEO backlinks keep the important role without backlinks it can be a bit difficult to rank to your website. There are two types of backlinks Do Follow Backlinks and No Follow Backlinks.

One of the basic differences between these two is Do follow links help to rank our website and the opposite NO Follow Backlink is not helpful for our website, but the exception is that no follow backlinks have maximum chance of getting traffic.

DO Follow Links work to boost our site, start traffic which helps in ranking our site and also your earning.
NO Follow Links which do not have any value in the website and do not help in ranking your site. No Follow link is created with the no follow Link HTML tag see that-

No Follow Backlinks

Here I have tried to give you some basic information about SEO, if you like my post, then share it and if you have any suggestions, then you can comment here.

One thing I want to tell that SEO is not completed yet, it’s a big topic and something keeps adding to it. I will keep you informed about this through my post.

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