What is Masked Aadhaar?

What is Masked Aadhaar? How to download it?

Hello friends, You will definitely have an Aadhaar card, but do you have a masked Aadhaar card?

The Aadhaar cards started in the year 2009 and to date around 121 crores, Aadhaar cards have been made. What is an Aadhar card? What does it use for us? Actually, Aadhaar card acts as an identity card, Aadhaar card has been created by scanning our photo as well as eyes and fingers and has 12 digits in it, which is called Aadhaar number, they all vary.

Initially, it was not given so much recognition, because it started to be made in private shops apart from the government office due to which the government did not give much importance to its recognition.

But in the year 2017, the government fully implemented its recognition and this Has announced that now it is mandatory for the public to link Aadhaar with their bank account or else they will not be able to do any transaction from their account.

As soon as this announcement came into force, the Aadhaar cards started to be made more quickly, people who had not yet made Aadhaar cards were also started making them. Today it is used everywhere like an identity, to open a new account, a new mobile For taking numbers, for making ration cards, making a passport, etc.

As I have told you earlier, everyone has a number of 12 digits in the Aadhaar card, showing this number will do all our work because this number is different in everyone’s card which will reveal the identity of the person and also a bar code in the card. After scanning the bar code, all the information on the person will come to the computer.

Masked Aadhaar

Now the problem is that the number of 12 digits in your card can be seen by anyone and it can be used incorrectly. To solve this problem, the government created Masked Aadhaar.

This is not another card, It is the same as our regular card, instead of 12 digits in it, only the last 4 digits will be visible, the rest of the digits have been hidden so that no one can misuse your card.

A virtual id is given below these digits, now all the work will be done by this id. You have to do any work related to Aadhaar, just this virtual id has to be told and your work will be done, no one can see your Aadhaar number or not Will be able to use it wrongly.


How to download Masked Aadhaar Card?

how to download masked aadhaar card? readersplanet.in

The download process is very easy-

  • First of all, go to the website of the Aadhaar card (www.uidai.gov.in) and click on E Aadhar download.
  • Here you will see 3 optionsI Have, Virtual id (VID), and Enrolment ID, click on I Have.
  • Below you will get two more options: Regular Aadhaar and Masked Aadhaar, you have to click on Masked Aadhaar.
  • After that, you fill your Aadhaar number / Enrolment ID or VID and the rest of the information as well as fill the Security code and click request OTP.
  • Once in a while, an OTP will come on your mobile, fill it in the OTP box and click download.

Your Masked Aadhaar will be downloaded. (Use Color Printout)

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