UP Government Ordinance On Love Jihad - Current Affairs

UP Government Ordinance on Love Jihad – Current Affairs

The government of Uttar Pradesh has come with an ordinance against the forced conversion of women, it also includes marriages between people of two different religions and Uttar Pradesh has become the first state in India to bring such an ordinance on love jihad.

Discussion of this problem is going on in the rest of the states, preparations are being done in some states, but the Yogi Sarkar of Uttar Pradesh has come up with an ordinance. The name of this ordinance is the Prohibition of Unlawful Prohibition Ordinance – 2020

What is the Prohibition of Unlawful Prohibition Ordinance – 2020 (विधि विरुद्ध धर्मांतरण प्रतिषेध अध्यादेश – 2020)

Under this, if people of two different religions get married and in their investigation, it is found that the purpose of this marriage was to get converted, then the criminal can be punished from 1 to 10 years.

Also, if a crime is proved, a fine ranging from 10 thousand to 50 thousand can also be imposed and if the woman is from the general category of society, then the offender will be punished with 1 to 5 years, and if the woman is a minor or belongs to a scheduled caste or tribe.

Then the punishment will increase from 3 to 10 years. Permission has to be taken before the District Magistrate of the district to convert or get consensual marriage.

If you change your religion without the approval of DM, the punishment can be from 6 months to 3 years in Uttar Pradesh. A case of unlawful religious conversion will be filed under non-bailable sections

This ordinance has been prepared by the law commission of the sub. In this, conversion by means of deception, coercion, greed, or deceit will be a non-bailable offense and the culprit will not be spared.

What is love Jihad?

The conversion of women from non-communities allegedly into Muslim religion by Muslim men is called Love Jihad. More than 100 cases of forcible conversions have come to light. The way in which religious conversions are done using deceit, lies, force, and dishonesty is heart-wrenching and it was necessary to have a law in this regard.

These states are also preparing for ordinance on Love Jihad

Preparations are on to bring similar laws not only in Uttar Pradesh but also in Madhya Pradesh, and Haryana states. A drafting committee of 3 members has been formed in Haryana which will help in creating a law against love jihad. The Yogi Sarkar in UP has fulfilled the law promised to save sisters and daughters from forcible conversion.

This ordinance has been passed, now this ordinance will be introduced in the cabinet and there will be an attempt to pass it in the session starting from 28 December 2020.

Please comment what is your opinion on the UP Government ordinance on Love Jihad bringing by the yogi Government?

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