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MyMaths the engaging online maths resource for use in the classroom and at home, my maths is made up of hundreds of lessons with matching Home works enhanced by vibrant games tools and worksheet each lesson links to a complementary homework task, so teachers can easily assess the child’s understanding inside and outside of the classroom. MyMaths activities are designed to suit all abilities and to develop fluency problem-solving and reasoning skills at every age tasks contain stretching content to challenge all children and randomize questions of the limitless potential for practice.

The booster packs target specific areas for improvement ensuring all pupils are ready for secondary school doing maths homework is simple with my maths. Children log into their unique portal to access assignments see their achievements and revisit any lesson content that they want to brush up on all marks are instantly recorded and available for their teacher to review and it’s easy for their parents to log in and get engaged to with the powerful but easy to use assessment manager.

MyMaths Teacher can allocate specific work to each member of their class and get an in-depth analysis of each child’s progress, the Handy traffic by the system makes it straight forward to check that pupils are on track to reach their goals my maths bringing maths alive.

MyMaths Primary Portal

Primary portal readersplanet

In the Primary portal, pupils can complete any homework that their teachers have set them to view their results and play games in the primary portal. To access the primary portal your teacher shall give you two logins, the first is the whole school login that gives you access to the library once logged in you will see an area labeled my portal.

Use your primary portal login details to log in to an individual area all of your homework activities can be found in my homework tab. The tabs on the right-hand side indicate when this work is due to attempt the homework select the topic and choose whether to revisit the lesson or jump straight into the homework, once you’ve completed your work your mark will be saved in the results tab.

The red amber and green stars show you how well you have done for each task for a more detailed look at your results click on the topic again, where you will see how well you did in each question and can also rate the task so your teacher knows how difficult you found. In finally you can find a variety of games in the games tab which are a great way to practice your math skills keep practicing and see if you can make it to the top of my maths leaderboard.


Secondary portal

Mymaths Secondary portal

In the Secondary portal, Students can complete homework, practice topics, and view results. You can find all of your homework tasks under my homework click on the topic that you would like to work on and choose whether you would like to revisit the lesson or jump straight into the homework.

Task once you have completed your work, your results will be stored in my results which you can access on the left-hand side of the screen. The red amber and green stars will give you an idea of how well you’ve done in each task to view your results by level click on my levels to see resource for any booster packs you have completed select my boosters.

The feed section of the portal provides you with a live feed of your activity on the site, where you will receive notifications of new homework tasks viewer resources you complete work and read feedback from your teachers. Under my resources, you can access for a library and booster Parks this is a particularly useful area for revision as you can access all of the topics launch a lesson to revisit a topic or attempt home works that you have not been set, use booster packs to support your learning by targeting a particular level or grade you can also find a wide variety of games within my portal to help consolidate your math skills.


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