Mitron App returns to Google Play

Why mitron app was removed?

On June 2, the Mitron app was suspended from the Google Play Store on behalf of Google. Google had said that it does not allow to list any such app on its platform, which gives treatment just like any other app.

Mitron App, the short video app that has gained more popularity in a very short time, is back on the Google Play Store. The Friends app was removed from the play store due to a content policy violation.
At the time this app was removed from the play store, at that time there was no privacy policy of the app but now the privacy policy has also been updated.

The app received over 50 lakh downloads in India. Mitron presents itself as a Bengaluru-based free short video and social media platform.

The interface of this app is almost similar to that of the Tiktok app. You can watch short duration videos by scrolling up and scrolling down. But if you want to make a video, then you have to signup on this app.
You have to log in on your account and click on the video button. After this, you can record the video and edit it. Once the video is published, the video will start showing on your profile.

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Mitron App developer/Founder

The founder or developer of this app could not be found right now. On one hand, it is being said that the app was developed by Shivank Agarwal, an IIT Roorkee student, and the company Mitron Tv Pvt Ltd was registered in the Ministry of Corporate Affairs from Bengaluru on 31 May.

And on the other hand, According to the report of News18, this app that competes Tik Tok is not ‘Made in India‘ nor is it made by an IIT student. News18 found that the complete source code of the app, which has all the features and user interfaces, has been purchased from the Pakistani software company Qboxus. Its Pakistani version is Tic Tic.
According to Qboxus founder and chief executive Irrfan Sheikh, his company has sold the source code of the app to the promoters of mitron for $ 34, or about Rs 2,600.

Well, what’s the truth behind this app, it will be revealed in the times ahead.
If you want to download this app, click on the link

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