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Mensuration Formulas- 2D and 3D with Pdf

You must have seen the questions of mensuration in SSC, Bank, Railway, and other exams. Do you remember mensuration formulas?
Mensuration maths is an important topic of maths, in which 2D and 3D shapes are seen, these shapes are the things around us like a ball is of sphere shape, a table is a rectangle, circle, or square shape.

2D shapes such as square, rectangle, have to measure their area, perimeter, length while in 3D shapes such as a cube, cuboid, cone, cylinder, Sphere their area, perimeter as well as volume have to be measured.

In this post, I have shared with you the list of mensuration formulas 2D and 3D.
You can also download mensuration formulas pdf for bank exams and SSC exams.

2D Mensuration Formulas

Square (वर्ग)

Square has 4 sides. All Sides are equal.

Perimeter (परिमाप) of Square 4a = 4 x side

Area of Square = A2 = Side2

Diagonal (विकर्ण) = √ 2 x side

Rectangle (आयत)

Rectangle has 2 length and 2 breath

Perimeter (परिमाप) of rectangle= 2 (Length+ Breath)

Area of rectangle= Length x Breath

Diagonal (विकर्ण) = 2√length2 + Breath2

Rhombus (समचर्तुभुज)

All sides are equal but not angles.

Diagonals intersect each other and make an angle of 900.

Perimeter (परिमाप) of Rhombus= 4 x side

Area of Rhombus= 1/2 x d1 xd2

Parallelogram (समान्तर चतुर्भुज)

Perimeter (परिमाप) of parallelogram= 2 (Length+ Breath)

Area of parallelogram= Base x Height

Right Angle Triangle (समकोण)

Area of Triangle= 1/2x base x height

Perimeter (परिमाप) of Triangle= Perpendicular + Base + Hypotenuse (P+B+H)

Perpendicular2 + Base2 = Hypotenuse2

Equilateral Triangle (समभुज त्रिकोण)

All sides are equal

Perimeter (परिमाप) of triangle = 3 x Side

Area of triangle = √ 3/4 x Side2

Height of Triangle = √ 3/2 Side

Isosceles Triangle (समद्विबाहु)

Any of 2 sides are equal and their angles are also equal.

Area of Triangle= 1/2 x Base x Height

Area of Triangle= b √4side2 – b2/4


3D Shapes

Cube (घन)

6 faces, 12 Edges and 8 vertices. All sides are equal.

Diagonal (विकर्ण) = √3 x Side

CSA (वक्रप़ष्ठ) of Cube= 6side2

Volume (आयतन) of Cube= Side3

Cuboid (घनाभ)

Opposite sides are equal.

Diagonal (विकर्ण) = 2√ length2 + breath2 + height2

CSA (वक्रप़ष्ठ) of cuboid= 2 (lb+bh+hl)

Volume (आयतन) of cuboid= length x breath x height (lbh)

Cylinder (बेलन)

CSA (वक्रप़ष्ठ) of cylinder= 2x π radius x height (2πrh)

TSA (संपूर्ण प़ष्ठ) of Cylinder= 2 π r (height + radius) (2πr (h+r)

Volume (आयतन) of cylinder= π radius2 x height (πr2h)

Cone (शंकु)

CSA (वक्रप़ष्ठ) of cone= π x radius x slant height (πrl)

TSA (संपूर्ण प़ष्ठ) of cone= π x radius (slant height x radius) πr (l+s)

Volume of (आयतन) cone= 1/3 π x radius2 x height (1/3 πr2h)

Sphere (गोला)

CSA/TSA of Sphere= 4 π x radius2 (4πr2)

Volume (आयतन) of Sphere= 4/3 π x radius3 (4/3 πr3)

Hemisphere (अर्धगोल)

CSA (वक्रप़ष्ठ) of Hemisphere= 2π x radius2 (2πr2)

TSA (संपूर्ण प़ष्ठ) of Hemisphere= 3π x radius2 (3πr2)

Volume (आयतन) of Hemisphere= 2/3 π x radius3 (2/3 πr3)

Regular Tetrahedron (समचतुष्फलक)

Height= √2/√3 x side

LSA/CSA (वक्रप़ष्ठ) of Tetrahadron= 3 x √3/4 x side2

TSA (संपूर्ण प़ष्ठ) of Tetrahadron= √3 x side2

Volume (आयतन) of Tetrahadron= side3/6√2

mensuration formulas pdf for bank exams and SSC Exams Here you can download Mensuration Formulas in Pdf

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