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Malgudi days- The Evergreen Book

Malgudi Days is the collection of short stories by R K Narayan Published in 1943 by Indian Thought Publications. The book was republished outside India in 1982 by Penguin Classics.

Malgudi days summary– The book includes 39 stories all set in the fictional town of Malgudi which is located in south India. It has conical which talks about the life of people in the fictional town of Malgudi the stories, the share, the life of everyone from entrepreneur to bagger all take place in a near this Indian fictional village, thus the heart and the soul of that village are on display and we find a place where most people are hunted by literacy and unemployment.

Despite the ubiquity, the poor many of the stories come across with humor good nature of the episode of the life. Indians which are often depicted as poverty-ridden infested with epidemic occupied by good for nothing illiterate follow have another side to them.

They have a charm which we cannot explain, this charm is depicted and presented in each of the stories in this book. Each story is so full of humanity and invokes that part for you which you have forgotten in this deprived latches called life. Rather than revolving around a particular plot, this Vandor of bravery each of the story describes the relationship between members in a family the various social taboos prevalent in the mid-’90s.

Malgudi Days Stories

All the stories of Malgudi days’ book will be seen frankly similar but they are vastly different from each other. The story delivered the most ordinary men and women and that makes these stories extraordinary exact stories deal with simple people and simple issues.

They are feast with real life the stories standardly establish a connection between the readers and the characters. some of the stories are humorous will shake your soul among the stories the readers meets an astrologer and a gatekeeper and the young man earning topaz the examinations.

R K Narayan has a long-ago mastered his forms and technic but the result is the body of work that is not for everyone taste more often a character’ s dreams or expectations do not lead to the result. He desires this keeps the readers guessing and as to want the next to reveal show in the life of the people who became endlessly fascinating.


Malgudi Days (TV Serial)

The Indian television series Malgudi days was directed by Kannada actor and director Shankar Nag. Talking about Malgudi, it is the city of Narayan’s imagination, and on the same lines, Shank Nag started the 1986 TV serial Maldudi Days.

It produced by T. Narasimham and Anant Nag, music by Kannada musician l Vaidyanathan. R K Narayan’s brother cartoonist R K Laxman was the sketch artist of the series.

let’s move some amazing things about people associated with the Malgudi days. Malgudi is driven by two Bangalore localities Malleswaram and Basanavagudi, the series was shot mostly near Ambuga Shimoga district Karnataka, and some episodes were also shot in Bengaluru and Devarayana Durga in Tumkur district.

After the death of director Shankar Nag in 2004 the project was revived with filmmaker Kavita lankesh replacing as a director. It was telecast on Doordarshan in April 2006.

Malgudi days readersplanet

In 1986 when it was first made the stories in the series from books like Swami and Friends, The Vendor of Sweet, A Horse And Two Goats are the ones that are most memorable. Who can forget the story revolved around the life of 10-year-old Swaminathan or Swamy?

Swami’s character was played by master Manjunath who started acting at the age of 3 and has been a part of 68 movies in Kannada and Hindi. He received 6 international one national and a state award.

Swami also played the role of young Vijay Dina Nath Chauhan in the 1990 film Agneepath, he was the version of Amitabh Bachchan the angry man of the screen. but later Manjunath quit acting when he was 19 and became a pr professional.

Malgudi days is one of the best series on Indian television made in 1986, when technology, the amount of money, promos, and promoting serials were not widely used.

Stories With Tv Serial

  • Swami And Friends
  • The Vendor of Sweets
  • The Watchman
  • Leela’s Friend
  • Gateman’s Gift
  • The Gold Belt
  • The Edge
  • Nitya
  • Performing Child
  • The Snake Song
  • The Antidote
  • Dodu
  • Minister Without Portfolio
  • Iswaran
  • The Mission Mail
  • Sweets For Angels
  • Roman Image
  • Trail of The Green Blazer
  • Engine Trouble
  • Carrer
  • Seventh House
  • Neighbour’s Help
  • Salt & Sawdust
  • Naga
  • A Willing Slave
  • A Horse And Two Goats
  • A Hero
  • Lawley Road
  • Cat Within
  • Astrologer’s Day
  • Doctor’s Word
  • Forty- Five a Month
  • Four Rupees
  • Annamalai
  • The Hoard
  • Old Man of The Temple

You can watch all the episodes of Malgudi Days on You Tube- Link

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