List of Scientific Instruments And Their Uses with Pdf

Scientific instruments are those instruments which help in calculating temperature, distance, length, depth, power, current, Voltage, Speed, etc. From the exam point of view, scientific instruments topic is a very common topic always asked in SSC, Railway, Bank, UPSI, UPSC, Delhi Police, Bihar Police, CTET, NEET, CDS, MP SI, MP Police, Lekhpal, and other competitive exams.

In this post, I have given a list of Scientific Instruments (A to Z ) and their uses along with a PDF that is useful for students. Read all the scientific instruments and download pdf link is given below

Scientific Instruments for Competitive Exams


Altimeter: This is the height measuring device used in aircraft.

Ammeter: This is used to measure electric current.

Anemometer: It measures the force and speed of air. It also tells the direction of wind.

Audiometer: It measures the intensity of sound.

Audiophone: People use it in their ears to aid hearing.

Aerometer: It is an instrument to measure the density of air and gases.

Actinometer: is an instrument measuring the intensity of electromagnetic radiation.

▪ Accumulator: Secondary cell / a battery to generate electrical energy


Barograph: It continuously measures the change in pressure of the atmosphere, but automatically makes a graph of it.

Ballistic galvanometer: It is used to measure electric charge.

Barometer: This instrument is used to measure air pressure.

Binoculars: Objects far away from it can be seen clearly.


Calipers: By this, inside and outside diameters of cylindrical objects are measured, and through this, the thickness of the object is also measured.

Calorimeter: It measures the amount of heat.

▪ Cardiogram: This is done to check the heart rate of the person suffering from heart disease. The graph of heart rate is called a cardiogram or ECG (electrocardiogram).

Compass Needle: Through this, knowledge of North, South, etc. directions is obtained at a place.

Carburetor: With this, a mixture of petrol and air is made in the petrol engines.

▪ Cronometer: This is a type of watch that is mounted on ships. It finds the right time.

Crescograph: measuring plant growth.

Cyclotron: With the help of this device, charged particles (eg, protons) are accelerated.

Computer: It is a mathematical electronic mechanical system.

Cinematograph: This machine is used to enlarge small films in a continuous order on the screen.

Commutator: This changes the directionof electric current in a circuit.

Cytotron: Device used to generate artificial weather.


▪ Dynamometer: Electrical power measuring instrument.

Dictaphone: This machine is recorded to listen to your voice and order to another person.

Densityometer: Density is measured with this device.

Dialysis: This is the method of medical science.

Dynamo: Equipment that converts mechanical energy into electrical energy.


Electric Motor: Equipment to convert electrical energy into mechanical energy.

Electroscope: The device that detects the presence of electric charge.


Fadometer: This machine is used to measure the depth of the ocean.


▪ Gaigar Muller Counters: With the help of this device, the radiation of radioactive sources is calculated.

Gyroscope: Find the speed of objects moving through this machine.


Hydrometer: The relative density of liquids is determined by this device.

Hydrophon: It is a tool used in calculating sound waves inside water.

Hygroscope: It is a device that shows changes in atmospheric humidity.


Indoscope: This is the device that enters the body and sees the structure and disorders inside.


Kymograph: This device makes a graph of changes in physical movements or factors like blood pressure, heart-pulse, etc.


Lactometer: A device for testing the purity of milk. This device measures the relative density of milk, which shows the amount of water in it.

Laser: Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation –LASER is a device in which monochromatic light is obtained by induced emission of radiation.

Lightning conductor: It is applied to the highest parts above tall buildings so that lightning electricity (lightning of clouds) has no effect and the buildings are protected.


Manometer: The pressure of gases is determined by this.

▪ Machmeter: This device measures the speed of air in terms of speed of sound.

Magnetometer: It is a device used to compare different magnetic momentaries and magnetic fields.

▪ Messer: Its full name is Microwave amplification by stimulated emission of radiation. This is a powerful monochromatic, parallel, and art-related micro-beam beam-receiving device.

Microphone: This device converts sound waves into electrical vibrations.

Microscope: Very subtle objects or creations are seen by magnifying this device.

Micrometer: A device measuring very small (10-6 meter grade) diameters and fat.


Odometer: The speed of a motor vehicle is determined by this. It is also called a circumference.

Ommeter: It is an instrument to measure electrical resistance.

▪ Ondometer: This device measures the frequency of electromagnetic waves.


Periscope: By this, the surface of the water can be observed when the submarine is inside the water. And the people sitting in it can see external movements without any hindrance. It is also used to look at the other side of the wall (sitting in your room).

Pyrometer: It is a device for measuring high temperatures, such as sun temperature.

Photometer: This is a photometer, through which the power of light is measured.

Potentiometer: It measures the electric carrying force and internal resistance of a cell.

Pycnometer: This machine measures the density and diffusion coefficient of liquids.

Polygraph: This machine is used as a lie-detector to detect lies. This device simultaneously records the changes in many bodily functions, such as heart-pulsation, blood, arc, respiration, etc.


Radar: This device is used to find the direction and distance of an aircraft approaching by radio waves. RADAR (Radar) is short for Radio Detection and Ranging.

Radio Micrometer: It measures thermal radiation.

Radiator: It is a cooling device for the engines of cars and vehicles.

Radiometer: The intensity of radiation energy is measured by this machine.


▪ Seismograph: The graph of the intensity of the earthquake that strikes the surface of the Earth is automatically depicted by this machine.

Speedometer: This is used to measure the speed of a train.

Spectrometer: Through this machine different types of the spectrum are studied and wavelengths of different colors are measured.

Sphygmomanometer: This device is used to find the intensity of blood pressure in an artery.

▪ Stereoscope: This is one of the best type of vinocular. This allows a two-dimensional picture to be seen well.

Spectroscope: This machine is used to look at the spectrum.

Stethoscope: This machine is used by doctors to listen and explain the beats and sounds of lungs and heart.

Stroboscope: Viewing fast moving objects.


Tachometer: The speed of the shaft (especially the shaft engaged in aircraft and motorboat), especially the rotating speed, is measured by this machine.

Thermostat: The temperature of an object or substance is fixed at a point by controlling the heat supply through this machine.

Transformer: By this A.C. of low or high voltage. Alternate current to high or low voltage A.C. Is changed to It is of a step up and step down type.

Teleprinter: This machine sends typed news from one place to another and also receives them.

▪ Transponder: The job of this device is to accept a signal and transmit its answer immediately.


Visionary: With its help, distant objects can be seen clearly.

Venturimeter: A device to determine the flow rate of a fluid.

Vernier: This is a scale that is placed along a given scale. With this, even a small fraction of the river scale can be measured.

Viscometer: This device measures viscosity of fluid.

Voltmeter: It is a device to find the electric potential between any two points.

Vande Graff Generator: High voltage generating device.


Wattmeter: A power measuring device.


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People Also Ask

Q1. Which instrument is used to measure the speed?

Ans – Speedometer, This is used to measure the speed of a train.

Q2. Humidity is measured by which Instrument?

Ans – Hygroscope, It is a device that shows changes in atmospheric humidity.

Q3. The Instrument used to measure wind?

Ans – Anemometer, It measures the force and speed of air. It also tells the direction of wind.

Q4. The Instrument used to measure Blood Pressure?

Ans – Sphygmomanometer, This device is used to find the intensity of blood pressure in an artery.

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