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There are many lakes in India some are artificial, some are natural, fresh water lake, salt water lake etc. The world’s deepest lake, the Baikal lake (freshwater lake), is located in Russia. The largest freshwater lake is Superior lake, located between Canada and the United States. The largest lake in India is Sambhar Lake located in (Rajasthan). Here is the Important Lakes In India Pdf In Hindi And English GK.

Wular Lake (वुलर झील)

Fresh Water Lake in Jammu & Kashmir

It is about 16 km long and 9.6 km wide

Sambhar Lake (सांभर झील)

This lake is a saltwater lake 60 km away from Jaipur.

Supplies about 8 percent of India’s salt.

It is about 35 km long, 11 to 13 km wide and 4 meters deep.

Loktak Lake (लोकतक झील)

This lake is the largest freshwater lake in Manipur, Northeast India.

It also has a hydroelectric center, there is a floating national park in this lake called Kibullamajao.

Due to its productivity and biodiversity, this lake is called the lifeline of Manipur.

Chilika Lake (चिलिका झील)

This lake is a saltwater lagoon lake located in the state of Odisha known for its production of lobster.

The training base of the Indian Navy is located on Chilika Lake.

Pulicat Lake (पुलिकट झील)

It is a saltwater lake that extends up to 350 km along the border of Andhra Pradesh (84%) and Tamil Nadu (16%).

The Bankigham Canal is situated on its west side.

The island called Sriharikota separates it from the ocean. Satish Dhawan satellite launch center is located on this island.

Dal Lake (डल झील)

This freshwater lake made of ice is located in Srinagar.

It is the second-largest lake in Jammu & Kashmir, which is about 8 km long and 3 km wide.

Lonar Lake (लोनार झील)

It is a volcanic crater lake located in Buldhana district in Maharashtra.

Kolleru Lake (कोलेरु झील)

It is a freshwater lake located in the Krishna-Godavari river delta located in Andhra Pradesh.

Nainital Lake (नैनीताल झील)

This lake is formed in tectonic form.

This lake is located in Uttarakhand along with Satatal, Bhimtal, and Naukuchiatal.

Ashtamudi Lake (अष्टमुडी झील)

This lagoon / kayaal lake located in the Kollam district of Kerala has 8 branches.

By understanding Ramsar, it has been declared as a wetland of international importance.

Renuka Lake (रेणुका झील)

This fresh water lake is located in Sirmaur district of Himachal Pradesh.

There is a zoo and Lion Safari Park here.

Vembanad Lake (वेम्बनाड झील)

Situated on the Kerala coast is a saltwater lagoon lake, in which Wallington Island is located. It is the longest lake in India.

Kochi Port is situated on its north coast and Kumar Kom Bird Sanctuary on the south coast.

India’s shortest national highway NH-47 is on this island, which is currently also called NH-966 B.

Panchbhadra Lake (पंचभद्रा झील)

Saltwater lake located in Barmer, Rajasthan, which is decreasing in the area due to lack of rainfall and pollution.

Cholamu Lake (चोलमु झील)

This lake is situated in the northern part of Sikkim at an altitude of 18000 feet. It is the highest lake in India.

The river Teesta originates from here.

Tavavohar Lake (तववहर झील)

This lake has been built by building a dam on the Narmada River in the Hoshangabad district of Madhya Pradesh.

Dhebar/Jaisamand Lake (ढेबर / जयसमंद झील)

This is a freshwater artificial lake located in Udaipur.

In this, 9 rivers and 99 streams drop their water. It has 7 islands located.


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