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How to Write a book review- In 3 simple steps and tips

Most of the people when they read a good book they want to write something about that right, so they need to know how to actually write that review. First of all, I would like to talk about book review what actually book review is, what are its different parts, how do we actually begin it and what are the things that we include in it. Today we’re going to be talking about how to write a book review now writing book reviews is a hobby for some, a job for others but for many writers it’s a very useful tool for helping.

You become a more perceptive reader and therefore a more perceptive writer whether you run a blog want to write up a review for any book or even if you just want to improve your own reading skills not only it does really help out the writer for you to leave a review but also it can really help you in your own craft to help realize what works and what doesn’t in a piece.

You probably want to be aware of the general a tacit so, that you can leave a quality review that’s respectful to the author as well as useful for anyone looking to read the book themselves. Let’s take a look at how to write a book review-

There are 3 simple steps for writing a killer book review and after this, you will no longer have an excuse for not writing a book review because you will have this formula to help you.

1. starts with a summary

Readers come to book reviews to know whether or not they should pick up a book and a book review isn’t too useful if the reader doesn’t even know what the book is about so start with a brief summary. But make sure not to spoil anything when in doubt, if it’s not on the back jacket of the book it might be considered a spoiler.

If you ever do want to include a spoiler in your review make sure to hide it under a spoilers tab. Now you want to keep this part short since of course, the reader can always just look up the summary themselves, so just briefly introduce the concept main conflict and main characters.

You also want to be very clear about genre and category and talking about whether the work is it such a drama, it’s an adventure or it’s something full of terror. This is very much important.


2. Body part

The second part of the introduction area of your review is the Body and it is also a very important part of your review. When you’re writing the body paragraph you actually include all the main points of the plot whatever you read, then talk about only the main points.

You also need to write a plot summary of the book that you have read but do not write a very detailed summary, just write the main things that happened in the story. Where the characters developed it interesting were there any details that just simply didn’t make sense or an area of the book that was underdeveloped.

The plot paste well interesting was it predictable, you can also think about the author’s writing style was it enjoyable to read. How would you try to describe it, you also want to use details that are useful for readers to find a book that will match their tastes.

Writing And Language Tips

The next thing is what type of language to use remember if you use simple language that would be more than good because using difficult vocabulary does not work. You have to be a very simple plan so that people can understand you, use simple language as far as the structure is concerned. You can use the present indefinite tense and using the simple present. It will really have a good impact because whatever you express in the simple present tense is something that is interesting.

You want your people to get to their focus on. Simple present tense will help you a lot in writing review and you won’t be making many mistakes with other tenses because most of the students when they jumble many tenses, they make problems for them. They make mistakes because switching from one tends to another is always problematic for many English language learners.

3. ConClusion

You come to the conclusion is the last part of your review or essay. Here you recommend the story or you recommend the book or not. You can make a judgment by saying whether the book was good or not, whether it achieved its purpose or not right so all these things will make your good reveal.

Use as many adjectives as possible because you are making judgments, so you have to talk about it from a positive perspective or from a negative perspective. You also need to give your personal opinion.


IMPORTANT TIPS- Your audience hasn’t read the book, so when you write the review you are actually responsible for forming their opinions about the book. You must form the opinion in the real sense, you should not include anything from your side that is not in the book or that can actually change the opinion of the people about the book and they won’t read it.

The review is a very good thing but you should be honest enough to write it as well as you should be very much sure about whatever you are writing about the book so that people are not actually misled.

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