how to make a WordPress Website

how to make a website ?

How to make a website?

Hello Friends, Today I am going to tell you how to make a website in very little time and less money. Through this post, I will tell you how to make a website believe me it’s very easy. Creating a site is not a difficult task, today such applications have come from which you can create your website within 2 hours.

Some people say that they need a free website in which they do not have to spend a single penny. But, let me tell them that you will only waste your time and affords because you can neither bring traffic nor earn money from free websites.

Therefore, you should not get caught on the free website, if you want to earn, then buy a paid website. Before making a site, you should think well about what kind of website you want to create. To build a site you will need some components.

Three major components that we must understand first.

Number 1- domain

The Domain name is your website name and address, that address is used by visitors when they try to find your site through their web browsers. For example, Facebook’s domain name is, youtube’s is and similarly, Google’s is, so first you’ll need to think of a domain name for your website.

Few Tips to Consider a Good Domain:

Make sure the domain name is Brand on the ball and it’s easy to remember and pronounced and most important make sure the trademark has not been registered by anyone else. There are many types of domains ex,,,, and so on. You can choose your domain according to your work, if you want to create a business website, you can take .com. You can get traffic all over the world in the .com domain. If you want Indian traffic on your website then choose the .in domain (.org for an organisation, .info for information)

Number 2- Web Hosting

After taking the domain, now you will need the hosting. The domain is just the name of your website, in the hosting, you keep store your data and files, content, etc. Today, the price of hosting in the market has become very cheap, due to the competition of more companies, hosting plans are becoming cheaper. Different companies have their own hosting plans. Before taking the hosting plan of any company, go to the company’s website and find out these things.

  1. Free domain name with hosting
  2. Company’s customer care support 24/7 live
  3. Professional Email account
  4. Unlimited bandwidth or Unmetered bandwidth
  5. One-click WordPress install (Free)
  6. Free SSL certificate with hosting (https security)
  7. C panel control

If you are getting all these features with your plan, then you can buy hosting from that website.

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Here are some hosting websites-
Hostinger, Go daddy, Hostgator, Bluehost, Bigrock, etc.

Number 3- WordPress

WordPress is a free website builder application with which you can make your website easily in less time. The traditional way of building a site requires coding from scratch but today building a website is as simple as dragging and dropping page elements.

After installing WordPress from your hosting company’s website you have to go to the WordPress dashboard where you will see different features like Post, Media, Pages, Comments, Template, Appearance, Themes, Plugins, Etc.

WordPress Dashboard
WordPress Dashboard

As you can see in the image, from here you can make changes to your website and manage them. First of all you need a good theme for your site, for that, you will first click on appearance then click on a theme, from here click on add new theme.

Astra Theme
Add new theme

After that go to search bar type Astra (I recommend Astra theme) because in this theme you will find different kinds of themes according to your site, click install, and then activate Astra theme. After activate click get started and select Elementor page builder.

Now, let’s talk about the options given in the WordPress.

How do they work for the site?

Post- To insert a post on your website, click on the post and from here click add a new post then write what you want to post on your site then publish, from here you can edit your post and see all the posts you have published.
Media- In media, you can upload images videos, files, etc and add them to your post or website.

How to make a webiste?

Pages– In page section, you can add new pages in your site or menu and put posts and images on those pages as well as viewed old pages.
Comment- in the comment section; you can see the comments made by people on your post and you can also approve or un-approve them.
Appearance- Appearance section you can manage Themes, Widgets, Customize, Menus, Template.
Plugins- This option is most important for your website, from here you can install new plugin free for your site. All tools are available in the plugin section like social share icons, SEO tools, google analytics, and many more.
Go to setting, you can manage the ways of writing, reading, and publishing your post, as well as managing media and permalinks.

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So, friends, comment on how you liked this post, if you have any suggestions or complaints, write them in the comment section.i will keep bringing such information for you, just stay connected with with me.


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