Hindu Temples In India

Hindu Temples In India

hindu temples india

Top 10 Hindu Temples in India

There are many Hindu Temples in India, out of which we have found the Top 10 Hindu Temples for you. All these 10 temples have different specialties, which have been explained in detail.

1- Konark Temple (कोणार्क मंदिर)


Konark Sun Temple is a 13th century Sun temple at Konark in Odisha India. It is believed that the temple was built by King Narasimha Deva I of Eastern Ganga dynasty around 1250 CE shaped like a giant chariot the temple is known for the exquisite stone carvings that cover the entire structure.

Konark is about 35 kilometers northeast from Puri on the coastline of Odisha, Also called the Surya Devalaya, it is a classic illustration of the Odisha style of Architecture or Kalinga Architecture.

Dedicated to the Hindu Sun God Surya, temple complex has the appearance of a 30 m high chariot with immense wheels and horses, all carved from stone. Once over 61 m high, most part of the temple is now in ruins, in particular, the large shikara tower over the sanctuary. This temple known as the “Black Pagoda” in European sailor accounts as early as 1676 because its great tower appeared black.

Railway station- Puri and Bhubaneswar (BBS) (Southeastern railway service )
Airport- Bhubaneshwar airport

2- Somnath temple (सोमनाथ मंदिर)

10 Best Hindu temples India somnath-temple

The Somnath Temple is located in Prabhas Patan of Veraval, Saurashtra on the west coast of India. There are a total of 12 Jyotirlingas of Lord Shiva out of which a total of 2 Jyotirlingas are located in Gujarat. It is an important pilgrimage and tourist spot for pilgrims and tourists surprising thing about Somnath is that from Somnath seashore there is no Sterlite land up to the Antarctica Somnath temple is also famous for its architecture.

The present temple was reconstructed in Chaulukya style of Hindu temple architecture and completed in May 1951. The reconstruction was completed by Vallabhbhai Patel.

The Kartik Purnima Fair is held here for four days beginning on Kartik Sud 14 according to the Hindu calendar and people visit in large numbers. It is 79 km away from Junagadh and 25 km away from Chorwad.

Railway station- Veraval (VRV) 6 km away
By Road- State Transport buses and other luxury buses
Airport- Diu airport

3- Harmandir Sahib (Golden Temple) (हरमंदिर साहिब, स्वर्ण मंदिर)

golden temple

The Harmandir Sahib also Darbar Sahib and informally referred to as the Golden Temple is the holiest Sikh Gurdwara located in the city of Amritsar Punjab India the city was founded in 1574 by the fourth Sikh guru ram das, Amritsar means a tank of nectar. It took 8 years to complete the first edition of Harmandir Sahib. This temple was completed in 1604.

Sri Harmandir Sahib or Golden Temple is very amazing and beautiful to see because it has layers of gold on its walls. Every day millions of tourists from India and around the world arrive to see the beauty of Sri Harmandir Sahib and feel the sanctity.

Railway station- Amritsar (ASR) 2 km away

4- Akshardham Temple (अक्षरधाम मन्दिर)


Akshardham temple is a Hindu Temple of Bhagwan Swaminarayan located in New Delhi, the capital of India. It is recognized as the largest Hindu temple complex in the world, Akshardham means the eternal divine abode of the supreme God, the abode of eternal values it is visited by almost all tourists who come to New Delhi.

The temple is constructed entirely from Rajasthani pink sandstone and Italian Carrara marble and has not used any steel or concrete.

The temple is situated on the banks of the Yamuna and the Commonwealth Games played in 2010 were also played in this part of Delhi. This temple built in the middle of the complex is built according to Vastu Shastra and Pancharatra Shastra.

Akshardham is 141 feet (43 m) high, 316 feet (96 m) wide, and 356 feet long (109 m). It is intricately decorated with flowers, animals, dancers, musicians, and followers. Among Hindu temples, Kalkaji Temple and Jhandewalan of Delhi are also very famous temples.

Metro station- Akshardham (Blue Line)
Airport- IGI international airport

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5- Krishna Balaram Temple (कृष्ण बलराम मंदिर)


Sri Krishna Balaram Mandir or Temple is a Gaudiya Vaishnava temple in the holy city of the bride a van it is one of the main ISKCON temples in India and internationally spiritual seekers and particularly devotees of Krishna from all over the world are seen here year-round adding new color and life to this ancient holy city, it is regarded as one of the most popular temples in Brindavan.

The temple is headed by Lord Krishna with his brother Balarama. He is followed by Rama (Krishna’s wife) Shamsunder and Gowda-Nitai. The temple is constructed from Pure white marble.

Railway station- Brindavan (BDB)

6- Ram Raja Temple (राजा राम मंदिर)


In Madhya Pradesh the Ram Raja Temple is a Hindu Temple in Orchha, it is a sacred Hindu pilgrimage and receives devotees in large numbers regularly and is also commonly known as Orchha Temple.
This temple is the most famous and important temple of Orchha.

Lord Ram is worshipped as a king in Orchha as well as the whole country, this is the only temple where that also in a palace. The annual domestic tourist number is around six hundred and fifty thousand and the foreign tourists’ number is around twenty-five thousand.
In this temple, devotees are offered as Paan Prasad.

Nearest Railway station- Ram mandir railway station (RMAR)

7- Virupaksha Temple (विरुपाक्ष मन्दिर)


This Temple is also known as the Pampapati temple is a Shiva temple situated in the Hampi bazaar it predates the founding of the Vijayanagara Empire. The temple has a (160 ft) 49 M high tower at its entrance, the temple complex also contains shrines of the Hindu goddesses Pavaneshweari and Pampapati.

There are many small temples inside the huge temple, which is even older than Virupaksha temple. To the east of the temple is a huge stone Nandi, while on the south side there is a huge statue of Ganesh.

Hampi means champion, it is located within the ruins of the city of Vijayanagara the former capital of the Vijayanagara Empire In 1509 AD, at the time of his consecration, Krishnadeva Raya built Gopuda here.

Railway station-Hosapete Junction (HPT)

8- Lakshmana Temple (लक्ष्मण मंदिर)


The Lakshmanan temple is built by Yasha Varman located in Khajuraho India dedicated to vacant the Vishnu an aspect of Vishnu. Virupaksha makes a different place among all Hindu Temples in India. The temple is famous for the explicitly sexual carvings on the southern side of the temple.

The entertaining and dynamic scene is inscribed on the wall of the temple. These scenes include shooting, battle scenes, elephant, horse and foot soldiers processions, many family scenes, almost completely with images of over 600 gods in the Hindu pantheon.

The Laxman Temple is a grand, built of sandstone, the oldest of the beautiful and fully developed Khajuraho style temples. Also, the best among the sophisticated temples of Khajuraho in terms of craft and architecture.

Railway station- Khajuraho (KURJ)

9- Laxmi Narayan Temple (लक्ष्मी नारायण मंदिर)


The Laxmi Narayan Temple is dedicated to Laxmi Narayan situated in Metro city Delhi. Laxmi Narayan usually refers to Vishnu preserver in the Trimurti also known as Narayana when he is with his consort Lakshmi.

The Lakshmi Narayan Mandir is a temple in New Delhi also known by the name of Birla Mandir. The Construction of this temple was completed in 1939 and inaugurated by Mahatma Gandhi. They are one of the major attractions of Delhi.

Talking about the history of this temple, this temple was originally built by Veer Singh Dev in 1622, after which Prithvi Singh renovated it in 1793.

This temple is built in the Orion style. The exterior of the temple is made of white marble and red sandstone, reminiscent of the Mughal style. The temple has two-story verandahs on three sides and gardens and fountains in the rear.

Metro station- R K Ashram (Blue line)

10- Ranakpuri Jain Mandir (रणकपुर जैन मन्दिर)

Hindu Temples in India ranakpur-jain-temple

Ranak is a village located into saadadi (सादड़ी ) tehsil in the Pali District of Rajasthan in western India. Ranak is widely known for its marble, The town of ranak and the temple are named after the provincial ruler monarch Ranakumbha who supported the construction of the temple. Its building is the most magnificent and huge.

Ranakpur is situated in the valleys of Aravali mountain between Jodhpur and Udaipur, so this place becomes very picturesque.
Rajasthan is also known for many Hindu temples.

There is also a Vaishnava temple of Surya Narayana. A religious temple is the Chaumukha Trilokya Deepak, which has a rare display of Jain art and religious tradition of Rajasthan.

There are 76 small dome sanctum, 4 big classrooms and 4 big places of worship in the temple complex, it is believed that it motivates a man to get liberated from 84 yonis of life death, the temple is characterized by 1444 pillars.

The construction has been done in such a way that there is no hindrance in seeing the main holy site.
Jain shrines are also described in the temple, around the temple there are 80 small and 4 big Devkulikayas.

Railway station- Falna (Pali) 27 km away

Here we have completed 10 Hindu Temples, you have visited which temple till now and which temple is yet to be visited. Make sure to write in the comments and if you have any suggestions, write to them.

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