Google Task Mate App - Launch, Use, Earn, Referral Code

Google Task Mate App – Launch, Use, Earn, referral Code

What is Google Task Mate App (Beta)? If you want to earn money sitting at home or are looking for a mobile app through which you can earn well while sitting at home and that mobile app is also trustworthy, then this is good news for you. Google officially announced that Google is coming with a mobile app, through which you will be able to earn money sitting at home.

Google will give you some such tasks in this app that you will have to complete and for this, you will be earning on behalf of Google or say google company will pay you, this app of google will not only benefit those people who are part-time Looking for work or those whose work is not running due to corona or have been fired, also this app will create a great opportunity for those people who want to earn money by doing extra work.

The name of this app is Task Mate (Beta) which recently launched by Google, in this app different types of tasks have been given, on completion of tasks you will be given money, in addition to Hindi and English in this app, more Many regional languages ​​such as Punjabi, Telugu, Tamil, Bengali, Marathi, Gujarati, etc. are given, this will make it easy for users to use the app.

Google Task Mate App - Launch, Use, Earn, Referral Code Readersplanet

How to use google task mate?

  1. This app is very easy to use, first of all, you open the google task mate app. After that log in with your email account and select the language.
  2. As soon as the app is open, you have to click on the given task option.
  3. After this, you will see two options there, the sitting task and field task, these are the tasks that you have to complete.

You can complete the sitting task at home or office like you will be given a sentence in the English language or you will be told a sentence which you will have to record in your local language. Along with these tasks, it will also be written how much money you will get after completing the task.

The second task is the field task in which you will be shown a location or landmark in the app and you will have to go to that location and share photos and details of the shops or submit a review about the shop. Here too, it will be written how much money you will get for completing the work. Apart from this, many more things are likely to come up.

When your task is completed, it will be checked by Google and after checking the amount will be added to your wallet. In this app, there are many levels like Bronze level, Silver level, and Gold level. You choose the task as you wish. And if you do not like to do any work or do not like any task, then you can also skip it.

What will google benefit from this app?

Whatever information you share with google, google will use that information and photos in its platform, business customers, google measurement, google search, etc. so that google can give the best results to its users.

When will this app launch and when will you be able to use it

The google task mate app is currently in testing but it is currently available on the play store, you can download it but at this time only those people who have a referral code or Invite Code will be able to use it. Very soon people will be able to use this app.

You can Download this on Play Store – Task Mate (Beta)

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