Cloze test in english

Cloze Test in English – how to solve this

If you are preparing for competitive exams, then you must have solved the Cloze test in English. The Cloze test is seen in SSC, Bank, and other exams that have English Subjects.

The format of the cloze test is similar to fill in the blanks but its level is slightly above the level of fill in the blanks. Many students find it difficult to solve cloze test questions, the main reason for this is the lack of understanding of the English language, due to which the marks in the cloze test is low.

Types of Cloze Test

There are many types of Cloze tests such as reading based, vocabulary based, grammar-based and tense based, etc. You will be able to solve the Cloze test only after you have read and understood all this.

If your reading is not good, then you can improve your reading with Newspaper. Vocabulary means words meaning, you can write new words which you found in newspapers. Also, you can google them.

Read Grammar from a book and practice Questions. Understand Tenses like present tense, future tense, and past tense and solve questions.

Come, let’s know some ways to solve close text in English

Tips to Solve
  1. First of all, read the entire paragraph of the cloze test carefully. What topic is the cloze test about and what its tone is.
  2. Try to find out if the cloze test is based on tense or is based on vocabulary.
  3. Take the help of the elimination of the options, leave the wrong option in the answer option, and choose the right one from the other options.
  4. Practice as much as possible, which will increase your speed and accuracy.

Some Examples

(I) New industries supported by foreign interests….(1)…. offer ….(2)…. salaries to their workers in the least levels of responsibility than ….(3)… domestically in hand industries. They need ….(4)… folks and are …(5)… to pay high wages to ….(6)… them. Native industries typically ….(7)… the high salaries offered by foreign supported industries, dispute that this may ….(8)… raise all wages to associate degree excessive level. Staff in local industries, seeing the sharp ….(9)…. within the job- pay can agitate for associate degree improvement in their salaries. This eventually can drain the resources and ….(10)… their profitableness.

1. (a) hardly (b) nor (c) Usually (d) never (e) always

2. (a) proportionate (b) Better (c) unreasonable (d) incomparable (e) disproportionate

3. (a) does (b) there (c) did (d) Their (e) could

4. (a) Talented (b) less (c) more (d) extra (e) local

5. (a) forced (b)Willing (c) supported (d) bound (e) reluctant

6. (a) enrich (b) bribe (c) join (d) Retain (e) bound

7. (a) pay (b)uphold (c) reject (d) Protest (e) accept

8. (a) hardly (b) considerably (c) usually (d) Unreasonably (e) not

9. (a) cut (b) increase (c) justice (d) decrease (e) Difference

10. (a) middle (b) Lower (c) fulfil (d) augment (e) support

Answers – (1) Usually  (2) Better  (3) Their  (4) Talented  (5)Willing  (6) Retain  (7) Protest  (8) Unreasonably

(9) Difference  (10) Lower


(II) A healthy body is necessary for the development of the …(1)…. and wisdom. Every human being should exercise daily to ….(2)… good health. Physical exercise ….(3)… physical fitness. It makes human beings mentally …..(4)… Physical exercise is required to ….(5)… food properly.

1. (a) Healing (b) benevolence (c) intellect (d) nominate

2. (a) start (b) Maintain (c) legislate (d) claim

3. (a) ensuing (b) enormous (c) Entangles (d) ensures

4. (a) Alert (b) defective (c) mindful (d) akin

5. (a) assent (b) apprise (c) Digest (d) inhale

Answers – (1) Healing  (2) Maintain  (3) Entangles  (4) Alert  (5) Digest



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