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11 Ruskin Bond Books- That will remind you of childhood

Before starting this article, I have two questions: Do you know who is Ruskin Bond? Second Have you read any book by Ruskin Bond in childhood? If you know them then it is a good thing, if you do not know then today we will give you all the information about them.

Also, you will share his written books with you, if you have not read those books, you can read them online by purchasing them. These Ruskin bond books will definitely revive your childhood memories.

Ruskin Bond an Indian author with British descent, lives in Masoori and he’s held responsible for the growth of children’s literature in India. He prolifically authored inspiring children’s books and was awarded the Sahitya Akademi Award to honor his work of literature.

Born on May 19 1934 in Kasauli India he was the son of Edit Clark and Abra Bone. His father served in the Royal Air Force and frequently moved from places to places along with his son. When he was 8 his parents separated and his mother left him, she married a Punjabi Hindu.

Ruskin Bond Biography

Bond had a complicated relationship with his mother who was rarely there to offer him affection and they eventually grew distant.

His father’s undivided attention helped him grow he felt loud and secure but his tragic departure from his life left him lonely and broken, following the sudden demise of his father he moved to Dehradun where his grandfather raised.

He received his early education from Bishop cotton school in Shimla. During his school years, he won several writing competitions including the Halley Literature Prize and the Erewan divinity prize. In 1952 he completed his graduation and moved to England and stayed at his aunt’s house for four years.

Ruskin Bond Books

The first 20 years of his life groomed him to be a good writer as it developed his personality in such a way.

Despite his suffering and lonely childhood bond developed an optimistic outlook on life.

He chooses the path of becoming an earnest writer that his father wished him to follow them for he found solace in reading books that habit was also implicated in him by his father.

Ruskin bond First novel

Some of his favorite reads include T E Laurence Charles Dickens Charlotte Bronte and Rudy are coupling at the age of 17 in London he began to write his first novel The Room on The Roof.

It was not published until he was 21. He was awarded John Lil Wayne rise Memorial Prize for his first novel, its success gave him an impetus write its skull Vagrancy in the valley.


Ruskin Bond Famous Works

Subsequently, he returned to India and worked as a journalist in Delhi and Dehradun for a few years. Later he relocated to town in the Himalayan foothills Masoori where he pursued freelance writing.

Since 1963 his essays and articles were published in numerous magazines such as the Pioneer the leader, the Tribune, and the Telegraph till now he has written over hundreds of short stories essays and novels and worth thirty children’s books.

Additionally, he penned two autobiographical volumes scenes from a writer’s life and the lamp his light lives from a journal.

The first one details his formative years in India and the second one is based on journal entries as a collection and episodes about his years making it as a freelance writer. His works have also been adapted for televisions and films.

A BBC TV series is based on his debut novel short story Susanna’s Seven Husbands was it depth it into the film as 7 Khoon Maaf and film Junoon is inspired by his flight of pigeons. Through this post, we share 11 of his more than 500 books written by him.

11 Books By Ruskin Bond

Let’s discuss Top 11 most popular works of Ruskin Bond.

room on the roof


The first book is The Room On The Roof it is one of the most popular books written by Mr. Bond. It’s fabulous and everybody loves that it depicts a very true image of a seventeen-year-old orphan boy.

The room on the roof is the story of a boy called Rusty. He is now living with his gardens Mr. and Mrs. Harrison who want him to grow up as an English man but he is just a seventeen-year-old boy and he wants to live that life.

He wants to live in his teenage so one day when he comes back after playing Holi with his Indian friends, he gets beaten up brutally and that’s when he decides to leave the home. It is one of the critically acclaimed books written by Mr. bond because he was seventeen himself around the time when he wrote this book and it gives a lot of emotions of the boy.

He talks so vividly about the nature around him and how the boy wants to explore everything as you know Mr. bond has primarily written for children. He has vividly explained the need to round him in the simplest and most beautiful way.



Rusty runs away from another novel featuring rusty. Although I’m still in the middle of this research I feel like Ruskin Bond has written eight books featuring this character.

This one Rusty runs away from the hills is another book featuring Rusty’s life. While he is living with his grandparents in Dehradun and he keeps running into quite interesting and sometimes dangerous stuff.

Discussing bonds writing he attempts to write simple and enjoyable stories his stories do not have that complexity, darkness, or mystery that many readers enjoy but if you’re the kind of person looking for books that capture the true soul of rural India you definitely want to pick up Rustin Bond books.

angry river


Angry river– it’s again a children’s novel featuring the girl called Sita who is living with her grandparents on an island. Now, the grandmother gets sick so the grandfather decides to go to a nearby town and get the grandmother treated but there is a problem as his family lives on an island there is a possibility of sludge due to the greens and sea.

They are left alone to tackle this difficult situation while the others. How Sita and her family survive the anger of rain and river forms the crux of Angry River.


The night train at the Deoli and other stories


The night train at the Deoli and other stories which are a collection of 30 short stories all of these short stories in this book are simple thought-provoking and heartwarming.

The stories again take you to Dehradun and Mussoorie and talk of simple folk that lives without technology and in an area laden with lush greenery and crowded markets.

our trees still grow in Dehra


The book is 14 short stories semi-autobiographical in nature with all of these set in obviously Dehradun. Through, these short stories we meet the author’s family, his friends, and a lot of people who left an impression on him.

Each story in this book is meant to trace the water slide from childhood to adulthood. He also documents his voyages through cities like Bombay, Delhi, and then finally back to the Himalayas.

Delhi is not far


Delhi is not far book feature a bunch of characters from a small town quite people. All of these characters won’t leave behind their lives in this small town and experience the thrills of Delhi.

There’s a barber named Deep chunk who wants to give the Prime Minister of haircut, there is Pitamber who wants to pull a cycle rickshaw in Delhi, there is Aziz who feels like he’ll be happy working in a jug shop in Chandani Chowk at Delhi.


the blue umbrella


The Blue Umbrella has also been adapted into a movie with the same name is a story about a little girl named BInya and a shopkeeper named is Ram Bharosa.

Binya happens to have a very beautiful blue umbrella that was gifted to her by some foreigners and Ram Bharosa is now jealous because of the popularity.

Biniya enjoys because of her blue umbrella and Ram Bharosa has a plan to acquire that umbrella for himself it is a beautiful children story that people often talk about when they are talking about children’s literature in India.

a flight of pigeons


It features a girl named Ruth whose father is killed in front of her eyes in a church. The Indian rebelled again all the Britishers in the small town called Shahjahanpur. Now Ruth surviving family has to take the help of Muslims and Hindus to get to safety.

This novella is part fiction and part nonfiction. Ruskin bond has this incredible knack of capturing the vibe of small towns and you know you must read these books if you are looking to get that vibe of small towns in India and yes this book was also converted into a movie called – Junoon.

tales and legends from India


Tales and legends from India which is again a collection of short stories and this book is divided into three sections and each section has a bunch of short stories. All of these stories in this book featured mythical tales popular in different regions of India.

It’s a brilliant book to expose yourselves to clothes and the tales passed from generation to generation in India. In urban settings, we may not be familiar with all of these stories but I’m sure you will definitely find one or two stories that you have heard from your grandparents’.



Potpourri again a collection of short stories. The book has several short stories with different themes like horror, crime, history, and even romance. Susannah and her seven husbands are also in this book and it was also adapted into a movie 7 Khoon Maaf.


tales of the open road


The last but not least book is tales of the open road which is also seen as on the road by Ruskin Bond. It is a travelogue it talks about the journey over the last fifty years and it includes the pictures he has taken on those journeys.

He talks about Dehradun, he talks about Masoori, he talks about Rishikesh, Delhi, and other places. He has been over 50 years so, it is the travelogue that you want to read if you want to see India that Mr. bond saw in the last 50 years.

Here we have completed the list of 11 Ruskin Bond Books, hope you have liked this list. Like and share this post also follow my Facebook Page…

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